Encodev Labs


A Bespoke application that helped manage over twenty thousand shareholders for Rights Issue.

Project Details

CAL Brokers Limited wanted an application that could help them effectively manage the CAL Bank Rights issue that was coming up late 2009. We helped develop Sharevault in a period of one month. The application was used across Ghana by all her partners involved with the rights issue process. Sales across the country was easily monitored in real time. Perhaps the biggest win was the fact that we made the Reallocation of Shares process a swift and easy operation, an operation which usually took most Brokerage Firms 60-90 days to complete was completed using sharevault in 14 days. The entire Rights Issue event was completed in record time.

Major Features

Exporting of data to GSE (Ghana Stock Exchange) compatible format, Exporting of data based sales executive account etc. Exporting of Rights Issue Sales Data into Excel Format which allows CAL Brokers to simply reallocate shares by adjusting one special column and reuploading same data for system update online.

Major Technologies

Ruby, Rails, Apache, MySQL

  • Client

    CAL Brokers Limited

  • Date

    August, 2009